License to Carry a Handgun

 In the Classroom

  • Class is usually held the second Saturday of each month.  We teach private classes and group events as well
  • Class starts at 9:00 am and is done around 4:00 pm
  • We provide your paperwork, walk you through filling it out, and take you step by step through the process
  • When you leave class, all you have to do is spend about 10 minutes online registering with the Department of Public Safety
  • Fingerprints are electronically done at any Identogo location after you register with the Department of Public Safety
  • Typically, you should receive your license 30 - 60 days after completing all required steps

At the Range

  • We have handguns at our range you can use if you do not have one or do not have one you like
  • If you use our handguns, all you do is purchase a box of ammo from us
  • We also have hearing protection and eye protection for your use if you need it - let us know
  • You will shoot the Department of Public Safety standard course of fire to qualify on the handgun proficiency 

If you are bringing your own gear, you will need the following:

  • Handgun - Semi-auto or revolver in ANY caliber 
  • Ball cap
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • It is a plus if you have at least a little experience with a handgun, however it is not a requirement

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